Schweich Mosel,
the starting point of Roman Weinstrasse

The principal place of Roman Weinstrasse is Schweich and seat of the association of municipalities management. The young town Schweich, derives her name of the Celtic "Soiacum" and was already settled in the Roman time.

Of it the excavations of the land museum of Trier which brought, among the rest, the foundation walls of a Roman villa testify. A mosaic floor, graveyards, coins, shards, bricks etc. to documents likewise the existence of a Roman settlement. In the year 762 Frankish king's daughter Bertrada, the mother Karls of the tallness, the place gave to cloister Prüm.

The Niederprümer court, today the cultural centre of Schweich with Stefan Andre-Museum, owes his existence of this donation. Who knows poet Stefan Andre, knows that his novel " the boy in the well " plays in Schweich where he spent his youth. Today of him reminds of Stefan Andre-Brunnen in the heart of the young town.

Schweich got the town rights in 1984 lent; since this time the wine place has developed to a modern and efficient middle center. Here a comfortable shopping stroll, how is as worthwhile the visit of the experience bath. There old buildings were restored like the synagogue and the Niederprümer court liebevol and art and culture likewise do not come too briefly.

Are worth seeing furthermore the old Fährturm with the immediately bordering camping site and boat harbour, the nearby remedial well as well as the church St. Martin. Annually at the middle of September the town Schweich celebrates her town week with a big Weinstraßenfest.












Freibad in Schweich Mosel, Roemische Weinstrasse