Karte Mosel, Saar und Ruwer

Klüsserath Mosel: an old winegrower's village

With game and fish and shoots - where they would be to be found richer!“ - The extract from that„ Mosella“ of famous poet Ausonius counts as an ode to his new Moselle native country - and as a confirmation even to the preroman wine-growing.

In Klüsserath these were the solar-spoilt south slopes which served at that time already as a Rebfläche. An old settlement in the mountain slope and a Roman villa near the today's parish church count as an outside post between which the long village Klüsserath grew together in the course of the centuries.

With quality and 350 ha Rebfläche the famous Klüsserather brotherhood has attained international standing. The position probably goes back to a present (nine vineyards for a total of three cartloads wine) which was done 1681 by the pastor at that time of his rosary brotherhood founded by him even and whose yields should protect the spiritual welfare of the municipality. While the brotherhood disappeared in the course of the centuries, have become from nine vineyards, in the meantime, an amount more...

For the visitor Klüsserats who wants to cost more than only wine to that other knowledge about the wine is offered within the scope of a detailed wine teaching path. Klüsserath also offers historically informative: a former water castle from 14. Jhdt. from which in particular the vault cellar and a 4-storey residential tower are very well-preserved; a parish church with places of interest; a court lime-tree and not least of that little Rudemsmann whose history one should probably allow to tell to himself better about a Klüsserather.



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Klüsserath, Mosel,Roemische Weinstrasse