Karte Moseltal



Remich an der Mosel, Luxemburger Weinstraße

Remich Mosel, the pearl of the Moselle

With a walk we get to know the today's Remich absolutely best of all. We begin the investigation of the small town on the Esplanade, to that place in Luxembourg after which one repeats that here probably already every Luxemburger has done his sunny Sunday walk. On the way to the Nikolauspforte we can admire the marvelous scenery which embraces the vineyards like a Roman amphitheater. Fragrant lime-trees accompany us, a stony riverside, but also old buildings with friendly facades. In the Nikolauspforte which was established to honor of the patron of the fishermen we have free look at the Bäichergaas, one of the oldest lanes of the town.Park Remich

The old tower which we see is the last rest of the earlier city fortifications. They had become necessary because it was usual earlier continuously to put through the right of the stronger with quasi-military means. And this right had only much too often manifested itself on the Moselle shore, possibly where one can be rowed earlier about the river. Since Remigere tells TO ROW nothing but. And with it we have landed in the middle of the history of the town. In age of the Theodosius the name REMACUM on a map appeared for the first time.

Altstadt remich

Back in the Bäichergaas. A look at some of the front doors indicates the technical skill of the Remicher carpenters. We reach the lane Kunibertus. Name giver Kunibertus whom one appointed in 1988 by archiepiscopal decree the town patron acted as an archbishop of Cologne and royal counsellor in the 7-th century.

On the river we reach the pre-stressed concrete bridge built in 1958 in whose nearness different tourist ships put in. In summer come even big ships from France and the Netherlands which bring hundreds of visitors in the town to allow to them here a few pleasant and restful holiday days.

Gasse in RemichWe cross the street and find a mini-golf arrangement with miniature railroad as well as the big outdoor swimming pool which becomes at suitable temperatures over and over again the center of the town - for visitors and inhabitants. Of it also lies there not far the ice runway which offers opportunity to sporty acting in winter. If we leave the Esplanade and go from here to the place, a marvelous panorama opens us. Young and old enjoy themselves in park and promenade, in pond and fountain, in goldfish, carp and duckling. But also the tennis fields for the followers of the white sport, a cultural plateau with more than 500 places and a big playground for children are to be opened from here.

Above all the deanship church with her neogothic facade sits enthroned majestically in red Vosges Mountains stone. About the Maachergaass, in„ Koupanz“ past ..., we approach the Moart which might keep, indeed, his name as the market biggest once of the region in the vernacular, but for a long time to the flows of traffic had to give way. Also the Remicher castle of 1619 had to do here - indeed, already in 1924 - to the traffic place a look in the small, old lanes opens nice, amusement, interesting at every place. Besides, the thoughts on to the already 700 year-old town letter, on the Remicher come involuntarily especially proudly
And here does understand finally, why Remich with the name„ Pearl of the Moselle“ may decorate.