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Grevenmacher an der Luxemburger Weinstraße

Grevenmacher, Luxembourg Wine-Route

The name Grevenmacher consists of two words: Grevenmacher and doer. Meanwhile„ Doer“ his origin from the Latin word„ maceria“ - old Gemäuer covers, does the expression come„ Greven“ from the word„ Counts“ from. The doer distinguishes since 1346 the town from the other„ To doers“ which exist in this region: King's doer, small doer, Rodermacher, Mecher, Mézières etc. the name„ Grevenmacher“ exists consistently since 1769.

Count Heinrich V. (Heinrich of the blonde) has handed the freedom letter to the town in 1252. The fortress likewise comes from this time: Count Heinrich needed a fortress on the Moselle to counteract agressiven and warlike machination of the electors of Trier. The fortress walls with her 4 gates as well as her 27 or 28 towers and the watch-tower itself located in the middle keep her function till 1685 when the fortress on order of französichen general Boufflers is dragged. The last of 4 gates, that of Trier, is used only in 1812.

Remains of the old fortress are also to be visited even today: the ruins of the fortress storms, under it„ huele Zant“ as the probably best known witness of the past, as well as the protective walls along Ringmauerstrasse, the tower lane, the Syr and the weaver's lane or, however, also the old watch-tower which does justice even today as a steeple of the deanship church of his task.

Only at the beginning of the 20-th century the inhabitants leave her Umfriedung, around her houses along three big to build from the town to leading streets. From 1920 other residential districts have formed. Grevenmacher counts 3,800 inhabitants at the beginning of 2001. The essential sources of income of the inhabitants are the wine-growing, trade, the management and banks, the tourism, the craft as well as since the creation of a regional industrial zone on mountain Potasch, the light industry.

Still today the monthly markets which find her origin in the weekly markets which are mentioned 1358 for the first time exist and win during the last years more and more in meaning. Grevenmacher„ Kantonal-und district capital“ since 1839, appears as a modern town and offers to his inhabitants optimum life qualities. In this connection the important school center which also encloses the technical Lyzeum Joseph Bech beside the primary school would be mentioned. In addition, a regional music school exists in Grevenmacher. No less interesting the sporty and cultural infrastructure appears: a big Sport-und cultural centre as well as one of the nicest and bestangelegten sports stages of the land, an outdoor swimming pool which corresponds to the modern expectations, a tennis arrangement, a fitness course, a museum of the art of printing with playing card museum„ Diedonné“ and a hothouse are only some of many examples.

In the midst of wine slopes situated, at the foot of the Kalvarienberges, überthront from the cross chapel, Grevenmacher emits a certain and undeniable charm on tourist: small, narrow alleys, conformist to the fortress at that time, the promenade along the Moselle, the full-scale children's playground, the visit of the cooperative wine producer's as well as wine producer's Bernard-Massard, numerous traveling paths, the camping field of Weinstrasse, the youth hostel, the day journeys with the deluxe passenger ship„ Princesse Marie-Astrid“ on the Moselle, the shopping centre with the pedestrian precinct, the Pröbeln of the select wines and the gastronomic specialities, visit in the park of the butterflies: this enumeration, a tourist advertisement amounting, characterizes the picture of the town Grevenmacher. Metropolis of the Luxemburg Moselle.