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Heart of Europe in a sour loop - directly in the inlet in the Moselle

The biggest wine-growing municipality in the association of municipalities Trier land is Langsur. With his districts Mesenich, village Metz, Grewenich and Wasserbilligerbrück (and of course Langsur themselves) live about 1,500 inhabitants in the place. On the map one could mean, Langsur wants to hide, it cuddles up in the narrow curve him Crossly.

The appearance of the places in the lower sour valley is stamped by the vineyards which form a center of attraction for the close rest and the holiday stay. Hinges and walking in bring Crossly in the time hectic often today again rest and rest.

The urwüchsige shore him Crossly, attractive old farm properties and winegrower's properties, precipitous vineyard slopes and not least the woods offer a worthwhile purpose to the visitor. Cycle tracks provide for the fact that one can well explore the municipality also with the wire donkey. A footbridge and cycle track bridge between village Metz and the Luxembourgian Mompach-Moersdorf shows the connection with the Luxembourgian cycle track net. With a span of 66 meters the impressive wooden construction is an eye-catcher for each. This bridge, privy in 1987, is the substitute with the Fährverbindung opposed in the 60s.

The highway bridge about puts few kilometers from here Crossly still a lot of more imposing, but as connecting buildings between Germany and Luxembourg. She stretches 1,200 meters above the sour valley and, besides, reaches a height of 92 meters about the river run.

Back to the wine-growing. It is a rediscovered culture of the region. The Romans grew here already 2,000 years ago the Elbling. Today form agriculture and wine-growing which dominated once, a typical supplementary income, while the people earn her money rather in industrial and state equipment. Indeed, the municipality sees itself as a true European municipality with the problem confronted that with the former duty service places also more and more workplaces are lost.

Today Langsur repeats as a European municipality the experience of the ruling change which pulls through itself by the history of the region or . of the place like a red thread. Celts, Gauls, Romans, francs took turns in the supremacy.


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