Mülheim Mittelmosel: Heavenly views of nice holidays on the Moselle

Luftschiff Graf ZeppelinWhen in the late evening 7th August the airship„ Count Zeppelin“ to his first world journey took off, was of this one world sensation. Including on big journey: Mülheimer wine from the position Sonnenlay. He became again quick to most-drunk because the most popular wine of all Atlantic flights of the zeppelin and with it already at the pioneer's time of the aviation to“ King of the winds“ under the wines.

The predilection for this wine probably speaks unambiguously for his quality which does him also even today as attractively as nearly 100 years ago. No miracle: The Riesling wines of the Mülheimer Sonnenlay are sparkling and elegant, with animating tender skew smell and stimulating fruit, besides, very much bekömmlich. A glass cannot damage any more.

Mülheimer Weinfestto enjoy? Of course directly with the producer, in one the earthy Strauss's management which serve suitable home-baked delicacies to the wine, and of course in one of the restaurants which you spoil from really to finely with regional fresh kitchen. And not to forget on one of the numerous Mülheimer parties. Since where wine grows, it is also celebrated substantially. The most important holidays fall in Mülheim, however, not on a week-end, but in the middle of the week. The first August week to be precise. Then locals and countless guests celebrate him„ Mülheimer market“ which is already 500 years old and goes back to one market and court day of the counts of Veldenz.

Weinhoheit Hanna lé die ErsteThe fact that you have all freedom in Mülheim, this lies here in the nature of the things: Dreamlike footpaths lead directly in the biggest fitness space, the nature. Walking, cycling, running, biking, tennis, canoe driving– actively his outside becomes in Mülheim for the most natural pleasure of the world. They feel strength, nature feel, breathe, smell, live the life ... and the everyday life Nowhere lies suddenly tiny small somewhere in, far, far away.

No other place on the Moselle disposes of so much high-carat wellness specialists who offer a whole palette of Verwöhnmöglichkeiten. Whether with being relaxing massages, fastings, yoga, varied sauna worlds, in the most modern fitness devices or dreamlike Beauty programs with baths and smells bodies and soul meet in Mülheim quite fast.

Straßenidylle von MülheimThe fact that Mülheim, nevertheless, completely, is quite close, the famous wine place of the unusually traffic-favorable position owes. The Romans already estimated when they established a river crossing here a good 2000 years ago to connect the important Roman's streets of Mainz and Koblenz to Trier with it.

Just this position promises heavenly views: on a many-sided vacation in the unique wine man-made landscape the Moselle.

Mülheim Mittelmosel