Ansichten Staffelter Hof

englisch2000 years of living and wine-culture in Kröv at the river Moselle
A revelation for the ambitious wine connoisseur

Blessed with numerous awards for their wines, sparkling wines and spirits Gerd and Gundi Klein, the winemakers of "Staffelter Hof" might rest on their laurels.

But such a behaviour would not match with their motto: "Nothing is good enough, not to try harder to make it even better!" Always to strive for quality has a long tradition at the "Staffelter Hof" - one of Germany's oldest vineyards. Already in the millennium before last it was documentary mentioned, namely in the year 862.

In the lively winegrower village Kröv you will find the "Staffelter Hof" a little off the beaten track in Robert-Schuman-Street in the north-western outskirts of town. You cannot fail to notice the distinctive ensemble from the 16th century:

Lush oleander bushes and laurel in the forecourt as well as the flavour of manifold herbs from the garden alongside will attract you with its Latin ambience. Here you will enjoy to rest in the midday sun having a glass of light wine - recommendable: "Riesling Dry Line", a fruity-dry "droplet" of the modern character, which will dwarf quite a few trendy imported wines.

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