Neumagen-dhron, Mittelmosel

Neumagen-Dhron Mittelmosel: The oldest wine place of Germany

Two millennium history is in the Moselle valley synonymous with two millennium wine culture. One can do the beginnings of this culture in Neumagen-Dhron„ The oldest wine place of Germany“, especially clearly understand.Yachthafen Neumagem-Dhron

Past many Roman monument findings and the world-famous„ Roman wine ship“ if leads an archaeological teaching path on which in the summer half-year regularly company guidances (special guidances are also organized by other appointments). Neumagen-Dhron has to show beside his history and historical structural fabric, however, also an excellent leisure infrastructure.

A small Marina permits putting in to motorboat sportsmen, for camping friends and Wohnmobilisten there are places on the Moselle shore and in the Dhron, for sail airmen and hang-gliders start and Landemöglickeiten on the Moselle heights. Romantic wine taverns, comfortable cafes and restaurants invite after ship tours, bicycle excursions or long wanderings to the stop.

Weinschiff Neumagen.dhronGenerally can be discovered from new stomach-Dhron from nature and scenery on foot and by the bicycle very well. Thus the most important national bicycle-traveling ways and footpaths meet here. They connect the Moselle and Near, Eifel and Hunsrück. The footpaths along the tallness and small Dhron - two clear mountain brooks which arise in the Hunsrück are especially nice.

Papiermühle Neumagen-DhronWith paper mill, a small district of new stomach-Dhron, they unite and put back the last kilometers to the Moselle together. The wines of the oldest wine place also compete with the scenery around the favour of the audience. Rose small gardens, mountain Laudamus and Hofberger are the names full of sound of the best known home wine positions. Weinfest Neumagen-Dhron

And who has not known it:„ Culture is also drinkable“! In the end, a cartload has served wine from new stomach-Dhron decisively to seal the Westphalian peace of 1648!



Gästehaus Doris Everz Neumagen Dhron