Alken, Untermosel
Alken Untermoselle,the biggest terrace on the sunny untermoselle

As 2000 years ago the Romans moved by Germanialand, they found in Mosellas to shores a delightfully situated beach. They called him„ alcena“, from it our alc. originated; and since those many years blühn shoots in the mountain slope.

Descriptions like„ the biggest terrace on the sunny untermoselle“, attributes like“ historically and wine-gladly“ promise: a visit in alc. is worthwhile always! Besides, the season plays no role.

This place, situated in the nice Moselle valley, offers a fullness of possibilities to form the free time pleasantly and individually. One of the oldest places of the Moselle land, already 450 B.C. from the Celts is alc. inhabited. One finds reports from his history everywhere. The castle Thurant is not to be overlooked. The Wiltberger castle, the thick round tower, parts of the curtain wall„ Fallerport“, the romantic church, the Laacher court, the Maltese house and a lot are more even today visible witnesses of the past centuries. The next wood, with his brooks and valleys, invites to walks.

Many hours one can enjoy the nature in rest. Also in the place itself one walks on the traces of the forefathers. From auks one can explore the sunny untermoselle also by the ship.

Well developed cycle tracks invite to bicycle tours. Individuality offers alc. also for the bodily welfare. The guest can choose between Urgemütlichkeit with wine tests or in Strauss's management and cultivated ambience in cafés, restaurants and restaurants.

Lodgings in every price range, hotels, pensions, holiday apartments, apartments. About the year distributed celebrates alc. the most different parties.

All year round Alken a trip is worth!


FeWo Scherhag