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The concepts stimulate - everybody for themselves and both with each other; culture and vacation find more and more friends if both are offered at the same time. One delivers what the other needs; time for creativity and for artistic creating. Does the cult vacation (cultural foliage may?) be measured as an art concept for a long time, his contents are a unique draft to do full relaxation from added to restful boredom.

What does one need to fulfil the hermaphrodite's concept with life? Primarily, an artistically cultural offer which meets the time cycles of the vacation? Weekend courses in the figürlichen drawing? Happy holiday plastics? Weekly courses in experimental painting? Ten days of free Aquarellieren?
By all is announced a little, before all things, however, a big, adaptable offer. The European academy of arts in Trier is an international approach point for people with artistic-cultural requirements. There one finds the artists who provide her own experiences and abilities into three parts. In small, clear groups it is carried out what animates the guests if they sign up as a course participant in the academy.

The motives of the course participants are absolutely different. One searches his creative talent, the other already wants to deepen by days kicked abilities. Besides, the scope of work plays no role on which one furthers the education in the matter of pedagogic art; an annual program does the variety of the offer überdeutlich. Also the audience which visits the academy reflects this variety. It is international and interested multicultural. Of such type of the inquiry has contributed, in the meantime, to the fact that the Trierer equipment has become biggest of her kind in Europe.

The Trierer move in her claim to the famous artistic freedom that selfobligation of the musician and artist John Lennon which this has come along to the maxim: to express what everything feels and not to prescribe what one should feel. However, behind this sentence also hides the fact that the place at which such is promoted essential prelives more in freedom than it allows to suppose value-preserving a stamped population and environment.

The position of the town has contributed a lot to this openness. France as a meeting place of the life culture and the art of living, Luxembourg as a hoard of the Vielsprachigkeit, emit on everything this what one would like to call German and which is often covered, nevertheless, for a long time negatively.

It is absolutely no assertion pulled near in the hair that just the nearness of these both neighboring countries has further liberalized the German in the town, as far as it has not found already by the historical influence of the last 2000 years to own free culture.


The academy demands of the visitor one„ I also can do this“ - Mentality - or at least the readiness in addition. The courage to the attempt, without fear of disappointment, before disgrace, even the absence of fears, something can be a disgrace or become - these are quite essential criteria for the artists. It belongs to escape from the judgment of third, to set up that spiritual independence in the head which is the base of self-esteem, self-assurance, sometimes also from selfbeing in love. The artist who needs the judgment of his environment and his sphere like the salt in the soup he must find the way to position himself about this judgment and prove the strength to be independent of it. And to remain.

The leader of the academy, woman Dr. Gabriele Lohberg, pulls for the creative process of Friedrich Schiller that slightly lofty representation of Thomas Mann zuhilfe, they every artist to DO should float:„ Do not brood! Works! Figures, finishing limit, switching off! It did not become maybe good, but it finished! And when it was ready, see, there it was also good!“
And thus everybody is called on for finding his way to express itself bildnerisch to create effigies of that what one wants to express. One leaves all difficulties, the problems, also the question marks behind himself if the effigy should become if it should have expression and if, finally, somebody read this expression and everybody, see, recognize and should be able to interpret. For itself and without fear.


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