Karte Gebiete Mosel, Saar und Ruwer

Altstadt LuxemburgenglishAn excursion to Luxembourg

It is early Tuesday, half eight, and I am glad. Today I get to know a piece of surroundings which I should know, actually, for a long time. I have announced myself for a day trip to Luxembourg. Of course every Luxembourg knows. One has done his last flight in the USA from here when the national Icelandic Flugesellschaft still landed regularly here. The other has refuelled only for a good price here or has bought coffee. However, only the least ones have found out Luxembourg because they were curiously on Luxembourg.

Honestly said, I am it for a long time. I admire the linguistic skill of the Luxemburgers who manage with in German and in French anyway, beside her own„ letzeburgerisch“ but often still in English speak. And who recognizes that all that goes not quite without an accent, nevertheless, that should try himself once as a 3-or 4-specialized native speaker.


Today it is about nothing but around Luxembourg. Shortly before 9 the bus starts moving; the mixture of Moselanern and Moselle visitors provides for the fact that themselves experienced and less experienced exchange constantly. We go about Schweich and Ehrang where we exchange the Moselle for the romantic Kyll. Up to castle Ramstein our federal highway divides the valley with the railroad, then comes for few kilometers, to cord, one more country road. Bockkasematten

From cord we follow the Welschbilliger Bach who offers us at first several mills, last even a moated castle. About cloister mountain Helenen it goes for wide direction Echternach, that place which has become known less than border place between Germany and Luxembourg, but his Springprozession has become now and then a term of abuse for disoriented politicians. The nice Old Town with her historical city hall and the Willibrord basilica are an occasion enough for a longer journey interruption, before it in the wonderful traveling scenery of her„ Luxembourgian Switzerland“ goes. The so-called Berdorfer Switzerland with the impressive cliff parts which remind for their part again strongly of Saxon Switzerland follows her. By the Mullerthal, past in the old transmitter radio Luxembourg, we reach schlie ßlich the capital.


Luxembourg is a town of extraordinary charm. The refreshing mixture which arises from his meaning as a finance place, as a political center, as a regional beauty, as a multicultural center, as a shopping centre with the radiation of a hearty provincial town lets immediately the thought arise: here I could live, all the same, whether as a land person or town person.

The city tour gives an understanding of some of him what one believes to know or about which one still knew nothing at all. One must let the colours work on himself: a gigantic fortress arrangement, 270 banks, the grave of the captain of Köpenick. Places of interest and Anschauenswertes let the time for lunch and inspection on own initiative seem too short. In the end, without a few purchases it also does not go...


We are put off; for the purchase one may reserve to himself the return journey. And thus we set off shortly after four o'clock again, pass the airport to the foundling from whom the South-West German flies because of his clarity so with pleasure. And comes, in the end, after Water-cheap where not only the local name applies. Here the commerce so properly to hits, reinforced by the direct border position to Germany; the prices release strong purchase charm, drunkenness. Shortly before 19 o'clock we are again in Bernkastel.

And, nevertheless, have only one first track of a notion what our small neighbor offers thus everything. Try out it!